ELAB Essential Compact Bioreactor

Compact User-Friendly Bioreactor with integrated essentials for worry-free operations


eLAB Essential Compact User-Friendly Bioreactor is designed to deliver the essentials without complications, enabling smooth operations in laboratory settings. Its focus on key functionalities ensures high reliability and efficiency, freeing you to concentrate on your research or production without distractions.

Infuse your laboratory with vibrant colors

With eLAB Essential, differentiating your projects has never been easier. The ability to assign colors to your various projects allows for quick identification of what you’re working on. Additionally, selecting the base color is intuitive and straightforward, enabling you to customize your laboratory environment without hassle.


Space in the Laboratory is Gold

Space is a premium resource in any laboratory. Weighing less than 5 kg and with a width of just 20 cm, it’s the ideal addition to any lab looking to optimize space without compromising on functionality. Experience the perfect blend of compact design and performance, specifically engineered for the unique challenges of laboratory work.

elabOS & Essential the Lab Harmony

elabOS software brings an intuitive and straightforward user interface that seamlessly integrates with the eLAB Essential bioreactor, making lab operations more efficient than ever. Forget complex configurations or steep learning curves; with elabOS, you get a system that’s easy to use yet robust in features, transforming the way you manage your lab projects.

4x addition pumps for multiple solutions Wide range: vessel volumes (from 0.5 to 5L) Ready for single or multi-use vessels Full control: pH, Tº, agitation, foam and pO2 with cascade strategies