Leading laboratory filtration technology for the most demanding downstream processes


High-performance automatic tangential flow filtration system for superior results, an excellent choice for research, development and small production purification.

Engineered to meet the exacting standards of biotechnological downstream processes, the eLAB® TFF fully automatic systems stand out for their exceptional filtration performance, reaching a maximum of 0.5 square meters of total membrane surface area. This achievement ensures unparalleled throughput and efficiency during continuous operations, facilitated by a meticulously designed tangential flow filter that minimizes membrane clogging and fouling. Notably, the system is particularly well-suited for concentration tasks involving proteins or antibodies.

The core of the system lies in its central control module, powered by an industrial-grade PLC, providing precise control over operations to diafiltrate and concentrate the product. Complemented by a robust stainless-steel vessel and advanced sensors, the system guarantees a stable and reliable filtration process.

The tangential filter enables fluid to move parallel to the filter, allowing smaller components to pass through while retaining larger ones. With an impressive filtration capacity of up to 0.5 m2, it ensures optimal performance. The tank, meticulously crafted from 316L stainless steel, is available in volumes of 5L or 10L, featuring five ports catering to diverse functionalities.

Models – Cassette, Hollow Fiber.

The eLAB® TFF system is adeptly equipped for precise applications with its membrane cassette configuration. This setup is designed for optimal performance in tangential flow filtration processes, accommodating a range of membrane surface areas up to 0.5 square meters. The cassette configuration is particularly suitable for applications requiring high throughput combined with sensitivity for quality retention of biomolecules. It features low shear stress on cells and proteins, ensuring the integrity of delicate samples during concentration and diafiltration processes. The system’s flexibility is further enhanced by the inclusion of a low-shear, four-piston diaphragm pump, tailored to meet the sophisticated needs of precise filtration and separation tasks.

For processes necessitating high surface-area-to-volume ratios, the eLAB® TFF system’s hollow fiber configuration offers an exceptional solution. It leverages the advantages of hollow fibers, which are ideal for high-efficiency separation and purification tasks, to provide superior filtration performance. This configuration is engineered to support a membrane surface area ranging from 0.1 to 0.4 square meters, catering to a variety of scaling requirements. The hollow fiber setup is especially beneficial for its high packing density and low hold-up volume, making it a perfect match for applications that demand both precision and economy in the use of consumables and samples.

The integrated control unit seamlessly incorporates TECNIC’s proprietary eSCADA system, additional pumps, and an aeration system. Elevate your filtration processes with the precision and innovation embodied in the eLAB® TFF, setting a new standard for professionalism in biotechnological applications.


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The eLAB® TFF system is equipped with a sophisticated automatic control module, which is equipped with an industrial PLC and SCADA software, designed to manage operations and adapt to varying processing demands with an assurance of long-term reliability and operational flexibility managed with a 10-inch screen.
The eLAB® TFF, which works with a membrane cassette and hollow fiber, has a membrane surface area of 0.1 and up to 0.5 square meters that ensures high throughput and efficiency during continuous operation, minimizing clogging and fouling of the filter membrane. The system is designed for sustained high performance, ensuring that processes run smoothly and efficiently over time, requiring minimal manual intervention (saving time and effort).
Tailoring to specific laboratory needs, the eLAB® TFF system offers customizable vessel configurations to adjust the scale according to project requirements (5 or 10L) making it suitable for a broad range of applications, from small-scale laboratory uses to large-scale manufacturing. It also capable of handling demanding downstream processes using ultrafiltration, microfiltration, or nanofiltration filter modules in cassette, hollow fibber, and ceramic configurations, allowing our customers to choose the most appropriate filter module configuration based on their specific requirements.
Efficient use of resources is at the core of the eLAB® TFF system’s design, which operates with a minimized recirculation volume. This design not only conserves valuable research materials but also reduces overall operational costs by optimizing their processes and cutting waste.

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