Advanced filtration solutions for demanding downstream bioprocessing


Maximizing efficiency with TECNIC pilot scale innovating biotechnology

The ePILOT® TFF system is a pilot-scale tangential flow filtration equipment designed for demanding bioprocessing product recovery and purification for every biotech industry, complementing and enhancing the efficiency of the overall process. As standard, it includes a 50L tank and, it allows a maximum filtration performance of 2.5 square meters of total membrane surface area using Membrane Cassette and 6.5 square meters of total membrane surface area using Hollow fiber.

ePILOT® TFF offers efficient and reliable filtration, high flow rates, high solute retention, and advanced features for optimal performance during downstream processing. Other stainless-steel vessel sizes (50 up to 200 liters) are available upon request, offering scalability to suit different processing needs. Additionally, the system is fully automatic by default, utilizing differential pressure, transmembrane pressure, or crossflow as control regulation for process concentration and diafiltration.

This equipment contributes to the efficiency of the overall bioprocess upstream and downstream processes, ensuring the successful transition between these two crucial stages with a user-friendly interface and a compact design for easy integration into existing pipelines. The ePILOT® TFF advanced system includes a variety of operational modes such as TMP, concentration, diafiltration, and water flux test modes, making it highly versatile for different bioprocessing requirement.


Using a scalable membrane area from 0.5 to 2.5 m², the cassette filtration in the ePILOT® TFF is designed for precision and efficiency. The cassettes are engineered for durability and performance, ensuring consistent results even under demanding processing conditions.

The hollow fiber system, with a membrane area ranging from 0.1 to 6.5 m², excels in handling high-volume throughput. Known for its high flow rates and effective separation, this technology is particularly suitable for large-scale bioprocessing tasks, allowing for efficient processing, maintaining high-quality standards while maximizing productivity.


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The ePILOT® TFF system integrates automated Cleaning In Place (CIP) and Sterilization in Place (SIP) functionality, enhancing operational efficiency. This dual capability enables the sterilization and cleaning of system components without the need for disassembly or removal, streamlining both process and maintenance tasks. Whether applied in small-scale laboratory research or large-scale production, the ePILOT® TFF ensures a seamless and hygienic user experience across various bioprocessing tasks.
The ePILOT® TFF system’s versatile range of working volumes, from 50 to 200 liters, allows the system to adapt to various bioprocessing requirements, making it ideal for both small-scale laboratory research and larger-scale production
Designed for high-performance filtration, the ePILOT® TFF achieves remarkable flow rates and effective solute retention, critical factors in optimizing product recovery. The system’s advanced filtration capabilities ensure that the desired components are retained effectively, while impurities are removed, leading to a higher yield and purity of the end product.
The compact and modular design of the ePILOT® TFF system ensures that the equipment can be easily integrated into existing facilities without the need for extensive modifications, and it can be scaled up as process requirements grow.
Constructed using industry-compliant materials, the ePILOT® TFF robust construction ensures durability and reliable performance under rigorous bioprocessing conditions. This high-quality build makes it suitable for a wide range of bioprocessing applications, adhering to the stringent standards of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

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