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Future Lab Innovations, part of Future Diagnostics.

Future Lab Innovations BV is part of Future Diagnostics.

In Future Diagnostics we combine supplying laboratory instruments, consumables, reagents and actual laboratory activities in Life Science labs and the medical/diagnostics field. Every day, our laboratory professionals invent, create and validate in-vitro diagnostic tests and products.

Future Diagnostics is a service provider and a development partner to biotech companies in the global IVD medical device market. They contribute to cost-effective healthcare that works all over the world, providing our clients with IVD tests that make state-of-the-art medical diagnostics possible.

Who we are

Who we are

Future Lab Innovations BV operates under the umbrella of Future Diagnostics. Rooted in laboratory expertise, our core lies in pioneering, formulating, and validating in-vitro diagnostic tests and products. We contribute cost-effective healthcare solutions worldwide. At Future Lab Innovations, we leverage this profound expertise to support customers within the Life Science laboratory realm. Our mission involves delivering and bolstering state-of-the-art technology such as advanced single-cell dispensers, microplate washers, liquid handlers, robotics, (micro)bioreactors, and live-cell analyzers.

Tailored specifically for scientists and researchers, our aim is to expedite biological breakthroughs, propel innovative treatments and diagnostics, optimize cellular analysis and sorting workflows, and streamline experiment automation.

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State-of-the-Art Technology, Customized Support

Based close to Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Future Lab innovations aims to provide the finest life science technologies to researchers and lab technicians. We have developed strong relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious technology companies. Our technology provides solutions for a wide range of application areas. In addition to our cutting-edge technologies, Future Lab Innovations is also dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service.

Our goal is to enhance accessibility, foster collaboration, and propel progress within laboratory environments. This is done with dedication, integrity, transparency, and flexibility.

Quality-Driven Innovation

In the scientific market, quality is extremely important and we will not settle for less. That’s why quality is key in everything we do.

Future Diagnostics Solutions is ISO13485 certified and we boast our own FDA registered manufacturing facility. In addition, we only work with the highest product quality of instruments, reagents and materials, and with personnel with the greatest possible know-how. In this way, we can do what we strive for;
A world where our clients can help the scientific market everywhere, every day in their quest for the optimal world for all.