RapidCAP 2

The RapidCAP 2 automates capping and decapping tubes, for more convenience and a higher throughput.


Achieve convenient, high-throughput capping and decapping in your production lab environment without the added expense of premium-priced pre-racked tubes required for expensive automation applications.

The small benchtop RapidCAP2 is remarkably simple to operate and designed to cap and decap inexpensively priced cryovials between 0.5ml and 2.0ml in just 4.75 seconds per tube — making it both budget-friendly and impressively fast compared to other equipment.

  • Gain valuable walk-away time
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in your lab
  • Purchase tubes in bulk in lieu of pre-racked tubes for cost-savings
  • Reduce repetitive injuries
  • Easily integrates into third-party systems

Including Color sensor and detection

Lab managers today are exposed to increased risk and liability from incorrect vial handling. To reduce the risk of human error for color-coded samples, RapidCAP2 offers a helpful color sensor and detection system that prevents the wrong cap color (which may represent a specific sample) from being capped accidentally on a vial. This also saves valuable time by eliminating the need to go back and fix avoidable errors.

The RapidCAP2 software is simple, user-friendly, and does not require a dedicated computer with specialty software. We believe lab equipment should fit into existing lab infrastructure with little or minimal effort. That’s why RapidCAP2 comes ready to go and requires little configuration. What’s more, its helpful touch screen software makes operation fast, convenient, and reliable, so end users can spend their time on more important tasks and not with technical staff.

The system is factory configured to the user’s specific needs, which allows for minimal setup time at the user’s facility. Plus, RapidCAP2 is designed using modular components to make servicing quicker and easier which minimizes production downtime.

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● High-throughput capping and decapping for 0.5mL to 2mL tubes ● Holds up to 1,000 caps; 4.75-sec throughput per tube ● Processes any cap color; sensor that detects color to prevent wrong cap color being placed on tube ● User-friendly touchscreen control ● Fits 2 SBS on deck plate or custom rack adapters
Capping and de-capping tube throughput is 4.75 seconds per tube
Software makes operation simple Does not require dedicated computer with specialty software Touchscreen shows visual graphic of tubes being uncapped/capped User can select specific tubes/racks to be uncapped/recapped

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