Sci-Print VX2

Automated Tube and Vial handling & Labeling system


The Sci-Print VX2 is a fully automated tube and vial handling system that offers “off- the- shelf” solutions that are uniquely customizable to each customer. The Sci-Print VX2 caters to a wide range of applications and provides full solutions for a variety of industries.

  • Gain valuable walk-away time
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in your lab
  • Eliminate human error with consistent label placement
  • Reduce repetitive injuries
  • Handle multiple tube types with the same system

The Sci-Print VX2 is a vial labeling system, capable of printing and applying labels to tubes and vials ranging from 0.5 mL to 50 mL in size!


  • 6-position deck accommodates up to 600 tubes
  • Compatible with 0.5 mL to 50 mL tubes and vials
  • Throughput up to 375 tubes / hour
  • Thermal transfer printer
  • Configurable solutions to each customer

In addition to labeling, the Sci-Print VX2 has optional features that can be added to best fit your specific requirements. These features include:

  • bulk handling
  • barcode scanning
  • filling
  • uncapping and recapping of tubes (only used with filling option).

Scinomix also offer a variety of label kits to accommodate for your specific tube application. The label and ribbon combinations have been tested extensively with the Scinomix line of automated labelers. They have proven to be the best fit for ensuring optimal labeling performance.


The Scinomix VXQ Bulk Vial Handler eliminates hand loading of tubes into racks to provide even more time savings!

The Scinomix VXQ Bulk Vial Handler is compatible with a range of tubes from 0.5 ml to 15 ml (the collar of the tube must be wider than the body of the tube). This flexible design allows the user to easily change tube types with the touch of a button. The Scinomix VXQ was developed to be paired with the VX Series tube labeling systems, the SCI-PRINT VX2 and the SCI-PRINT VXL.

Both of these systems have a variety of functions including printing and labeling, filling, uncapping/recapping of screw top lids, and barcode scanning. An optional 2D barcode scanner can be added to the systems for verification or to reprint the barcode on the label. When the VXQ is paired with one of these systems, it can handle up to 400 bulk tubes per hour.

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• Increases productivity and efficiency in the lab • Provides valuable walk away time to attend to more important tasks in the lab • Consistency of label placement on each tube • Improves barcode scanning process • Can handle multiple tube types with same system • Eliminates human error that can occur from hand labeling • Reduces repetitive injuries from hand labeling
• Throughput of 425 tubes/ hour • 6-position work deck (accommodates up to 600 tubes) • Thermal transfer printer • Ability to handle honeycomb plates • Compatible with Matrix and Micronic 2D vials • Labels tubes and vials ranging from 0.5 mL to 50 mL • Filling of aqueous solutions (optional) • Uncapping and recapping of screw top lids (only with filling option) • 2D barcode scanner used to read and verify Matrix and Micronic 2D vials prior to processing (optional)
Designed for labs working with a variety of different tube diameters. This gripper allows you to easily change between tube types (ranging from Matrix-style tubes to 50 mL) without changing any hardware.

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