Single Cell Dispensers


The B.SIGHT is a microbial isolation platform that uses cutting-edge optical microscopy and CYTENA’s single-cell dispensing technology to enable isolation of the smallest microbial cells. The second generation B.SIGHT revolutionizes microbiology research by enabling rapid and efficient isolation of bacteria from complex microbiome samples or transformed cultures used for strain development.

It consists of a dispenser chip that rapidly produces microdroplets from the sample inside a disposable cartridge, combined with high resolution optical microscopy and real-time image analysis to guarantee the dispensing of single bacteria onto individual wells of a multiwell plate. Microbial product discovery and development projects can now be accelerated using the B.SIGHT. The device can be integrated into automation workflow and provides a cost effective and high-throughput generation of microbial isolates.


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Detects even the smallest cells based on size and shape. The system comes with full capability to isolate unlabeled and fluorescently labeled single microorganisms. The B.SIGHT’s extremely high-resolution optics make even the smallest cells visible. With an innovative and ultrafast dual-camera system, the system can efficiently and rapidly separate cultures of both fluorescent and wild-type bacteria into either liquid culture or agar.
Accelerate your microorganism workflows with high-speed isolation of single bacteria or yeast into multiwell plates. Process a 96-well plate in 3 minutes and a 384- plate in under 8 minutes.
Nozzle images confirm the clonality of dispensed single prokaryotic cells.
The B.SIGHT improves cell viability thanks to fast, gentle and easy-to-use label-free isolation of single bacteria directly into liquid culture or agar.
Small benchtop instrument that integrates into fume hoods and anaerobic chambers. Simply connect the monitor, keyboard and mouse or even use a remote control terminal. The B.SIGHT can be operated in an anaerobic chamber thanks to its small footprint, low particle emission and low heat emission. These characteristics provide the ideal environment for isolating strict anaerobes. You can also control the device from outside the cabinet by connecting a monitor, keyboard and mouse, or by using a remote control terminal.
Dispense single cells from your complex microbiota sample in picolitre droplets directly into the center of the well in 96- or 384-well PCR plates, enabling downstream miniaturization with lysis buffer volumes less than 1 μL.
The B.SIGHT lid opens automatically, making the device compatible with robotic automation workflows. The instrument also has a small footprint and can easily be placed in most biosafety cabinets. The B.SIGHT automatically releases the multiwell plate after dispensing is complete and automatically opens up the lid, thereby allowing robotic arms to transfer the plate downstream for further processing inside an automated workstation.

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Single Cell Dispensers