Opentrons Flex Workstation

Automated liquid handling and workstation


The next generation of lab automation is here.

Flex fits you, not the other way around.

Opentrons Flex is everything today’s lab automation systems are not. It’s flexible, versatile and liberating.

  • Uniquely flexible: Modular pipettes, gripper, and on-deck hardware that you can swap out yourself
  • Uniquely open: Fully open source software and firmware
  • Uniquely future-facing: Extensive API compatible with “design-of-experiment” programs, including AI-driven agents
  • Touchscreen for easy protocol set-up: Select and run protocols directly from the lab bench using the touchscreen. It also guides you through deck setup and automated calibration.

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With the Flex NGS Workstation, you can automate NGS library prep at the scale you need to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and save hands-on time. Automate all your pre-sequencing workflows using any leading reagent system, including fragmentation- and tagmentation-based library prep, on the market.
With the Flex PCR Workstation, you can fully automate your PCR setup and thermocycling workflow for up to 96 samples. Aliquot chilled reagents and samples into a 96-well PCR plate, use the Flex Gripper to load the plate into the on-deck thermocycler on the Flex deck, and then run your chosen PCR program.
With the Flex Magnetic Bead Protein Purification Workstation, you can automate small-scale protein purification and proteomics sample prep for up to 96 samples. This workstation is compatible with many popular magnetic bead-based reagents.
With the Flex Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation, you can automate DNA/RNA isolation and purification. This workstation comes with the Flex Magnetic Block for separation of magnetic beads, and the Opentrons Heater-Shaker for sample lysis and resuspension of magnetic beads.

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