Single Cell Dispensers


As the Genomics field pushes forward with more in-depth analysis, innovative methods including the miniaturization of library preparation chemistry have been introduced. This new methodology aims to improve the quality of sequencing while reducing overall costs.

Building on the previous generation of single-cell dispensers and as a purpose-built device, the F.SIGHT OMICS continues CYTENA’s customer-oriented product design. This device has precise cell deposition thanks to the new Automated Offset Correction (AOC) system, where single cells are isolated in PCR plates, in sub microliter droplets, thus enabling downstream miniaturization for NGS Library Preparation. Additionally, with the F.SIGHT OMICS fluorescent sorting, only labelled cells of interest can be isolated for subsequent downstream analysis.

Overlay both brightfield and fluorescent images for precise identification of your cells of interest.
Eliminate the risk of cross contamination with single-use EASY.ON cartridges.
Dispense cells in picolitre droplets into the center of the well in 384-well PCR plates, enabling downstream miniaturization with lysis buffer volumes less than 1 μL.
Isolate an entire 384-well plate with single-cells in under 8 minutes
Guarantee monoclonality and single-cell isolation with nozzle images that are recorded for every dispensing.
Capture rare cells with Cell Focusing technology that aligns cells at the center of the dispensing cartridge for superior cell detection.

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Single Cell Dispensers