Advanced tangential flow filtration for production efficiency in biotech manufacturing


The ultimate solution for streamlining downstream processes and maximizing productivity and quality.

The ePROD TFF system is an advanced, fully automated Tangential Flow Filtration solution designed to optimize downstream production scales for various bioprocessing applications. This cutting-edge equipment is designed to simplify the filtration process and enable you to focus on other aspects of your production, providing reliable and high solute retention for continuous operation.

It includes a magnetic-agitated tank vessel of 500L of working volume and has a maximum filtration surface area ranging from 7 to 65 m², meaning it can handle a wide range of volumes for microfiltration, nanofiltration or ultrafiltration applications. ePROD TFF system is available in a variety of configurations that include cassette, ceramic, and hollow fiber solutions to suit the specific needs of the bioprocess.

The dual control box allows for multi-user registration, offering complete control over the filtration process. This functionality enables the operator to set and monitor the process parameters through a user-friendly interface and the integration of digital sensors that provides real-time data and insights, crucial for maintaining the precision and efficiency of the filtration process.

It also integrates multiple operational modes like Concentration, Diafiltration, Trans Membrane Pressure (TMP) and Cleaning-In-Place (CIP). These features, combined with its precision control modules, ensure optimal performance across various bioprocessing tasks. Finally, the ePROD TFF is designed to meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, and its advanced technology makes the bioprocess easy to validate and document.


The ePROD® TFF has an intuitive user interface, designed to minimize the learning curve and simplify process control. This user-friendly approach allows users to focus more on their bioprocessing tasks than on equipment operation, enhancing the overall user experience and making complex bioprocessing operations more accessible and manageable.
The ePROD® TFF system stands out with its fully automated functionality, which reduces manual intervention and the potential for errors. The system’s ability to autonomously manage complex bioprocesses makes it a valuable asset in high-volume bioprocessing, significantly enhancing efficiency in large-scale operations and ensuring consistency and precision in production. The equipment is designed to automatically carry out tangential filtration by regulating the transmembrane pressure and the flow that passes through it, which allows working continuously with this mode without being linked to a concentration or a diafiltration.
The ePROD® TFF is outfitted with two distinct industrial pumps, ensuring optimal performance. The primary pump facilitates the efficient recirculation of the product, complemented by a secondary centrifugal pump specifically implemented for in-situ cleaning. This innovative feature eliminates the reliance on external cleaning systems, enhancing the overall efficiency and longevity of the pumps. Embrace this versatile solution to not only extend the lifespan of your equipment but also alleviate the stress on the recirculation pumps, ensuring a seamless and sustainable operational experience.
Discover TECNIC’s in-house-crafted holders, meticulously engineered from high-quality stainless steel. Designed for utmost flexibility, these holders accommodate a broad range of cassettes and hollow fiber. Tailored to optimize downstream processes, the filtration surface area ranges from 7 to 65 square meters, making them ideal for applications like nanofiltration, microfiltration, or ultrafiltration.
The ePROD® TFF’s membrane cassette offers a filtration surface area ranging from 6.84 to 34.2 m², ensuring efficient processing. The design of these cassettes allows for effective handling of large volumes while maintaining consistent filtration quality, essential for optimal bioprocessing outcomes requiring high throughput and precise separation.
The hollow fiber module of the ePROD® TFF has a surface area of 12.1 up to 36.3 m² that ensures efficient and reliable performance of solute retention and separation. The configuration of these thin, tubular membranes provides a large filtration area within a compact unit, making it highly effective for various bioprocessing applications, but especially suitable for processes that demand high flow rates.

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