Opentrons OT-2

Your Personal Pipetting Robot


Lab automation has never been easier.

The OT-2 is a bench-top liquid handler designed to be accessible and flexible enough to automate many common applications.

  • Fits on half a standard lab bench

  • Open-source, API compatibility: Interfaces with any product that has an API. Opentrons software is open-source and users can make adjustments to the software as needed to interface with other products. While all integrations are possible, they all require custom code work i.e. most customers will need to write custom libraries and install software packages that are not shipped with the robot.
  • Single- and 8-channel pipetting 2 pipette mounts, for a configuration of 1 or 2 single- or 8-channel pipettes. Pipettes are easily interchangeable.


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One of the most common applications for automation with the OT-2 pipetting robot. Not only can you automate NGS library prep, but also other steps of your pre-sequencing workflow, including reagent distribution, bead processing, normalization and pooling. Use your own protocol, or choose from demonstrated protocols with popular reagent brands.
Another popular application for automation, especially if you’re prepping a lot of samples. You can use the OT-2 pipetting robot to combine samples and PCR mastermix in the reaction plate that will go into the thermocycler or qPCR machine.
The most cost-effective way to automate small-scale protein purification, proteomics sample processing, and enzymatic and chemical lysis. We currently offer two approaches to automate on the OT-2 pipetting robot – dual flow chromatography-based automation, and magnetic bead-based automation.
An easy and cost-effective way to automate tedious nucleic acid purifications. If you are using SPRI (solid-phase reversible immobilization) magnetic beads to do your isolation and/or purification steps, you can automate these parts of your workflow with the OT-2 pipetting robot.
The quickest way to save time in the lab. You can easily automate a range of basic liquid handling tasks on the OT-2 pipetting robot, including tube and microplate filling, serial dilution, cherry picking, normalization and sample pooling. Choose from a range of verified protocols in our Protocol Library, create your own, or ask our Applications Engineering team to create one for you

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