Single Cell Dispenser


The newest, highly efficient and gentle single-cell dispenser with fluorescent sorting.

Streamline your workflows from monoclonal cell culture development for biopharmaceutical manufacturing, to single-cell assays for basic scientific research.

Building on the previous generation of single-cell dispensers, the F.SIGHT 2.0 has an innovative and ultrafast dual-camera system for simultaneous brightfield and fluorescent full resolution images.


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The F.SIGHT 2.0 isolates single-cells in either 96- or 384-well plates quickly, dispensing an entire 384-well plate in under 7 minutes. The system’s versatility enables a multitude of different cells to be fluorescently labelled and isolated.
Overlay both brightfield and fluorescent images for precise identification of your cells of interest. Both cameras can be controlled independently and the power of the built-in blue laser is adjustable. Combined, their high dynamic range visualizes even the weakest fluorophores.
Eliminate the risk of cross contamination with single-use EASY.ON cartridges.
Capture nozzle images for every dispensing run to confirm that only single cells were dispensed on the plate.
Align cells at the center of the dispensing cartridge for even better handling and processing of delicate samples. Add an additional layer of optimization with Cell Focusing technology, which gently aligns cells at the center of the dispensing cartridge for superior cell detection. It offers significant improvements when working with rare cell types as this alignment ensures that cells are perfectly captured and measured, reducing cell loss and even increasing processing speeds
Handle and isolate delicate cells of interest with our no-pressure dispensing, minimizing the stress inflicted on cells.