Cell culture bioreactor


The high-throughput microbioreactor with CO² incubation capabilities to optimize your cell line development.

Increased oxygen transfer

The S.NEST exerts suction or expulsion pressure through the fluidic channels to enable homogenous reciprocating mixing. The oxygen transfer tubes connected to the lid offer the cells a continuous oxygen supply to maintain a healthy environment.

Consumables for optimal cell culture

The S.NEST lid comes in 96-fluidic-channel or 24-fluidic-channel formats for respective well plates. The patented condenser design in the fluidic channels effectively reduces liquid evaporation, and condensation collected at the surface of the condenser circulates back into the culture during every mixing.


The S.NEST provides insightful graphs from pH and DO sensor data, including measurements and a heatmap from each well through the duration of your experiment. The software also provides intuitive settings for the incubation chamber environment, mixing system and motion camera.

Real-time monitoring

The S.NEST provides sensor results in real time and allows users to adjust environmental controls.


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Customize the mixing level and increase cell growth with the S.NEST’s unique fluid control system
Incubate up to four 24- or 96-well plates at once for maximum productivity and efficiency
Optical sensors at the bottom of the unit monitor pH and dissolved oxygen (DO) values through the entire cell culture process
Valuable insights of pH/DO data throughout the culture period enable high throughput cell clone selection
Reduce the amount of time required to process cells
Cells show higher density and viability when processed in the S.NEST compared to traditional incubation

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