Streamline the path from culture to discovery with this state-of-the-art microbioreactor

The power of mixing

The C.NEST system is able to carry out reciprocating mixing, which creates optimized and variable conditions, expanding the system’s range of application areas. The tubes connected to the lid also provide cells continuous oxygen supply to maintain a healthy environment.

Flexible solution

The C.NEST system can be used for static culture, mixing culture and a combination of the two simultaneously thanks to the ability to independently control both the hardware and software.

Unlimited possibilities

Other analysis like enzymatic assays, activity assessment and several steps in ELISA can be performed simultaneously without interference from other experiments.

Upscalable design

Customization of capacity and throughput is available for the C.NEST to increase efficiency and productivity.


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Independent incubation chamber that can perform up to eight plates of static culture or up to four plates of mixing culture
Independent control of temperature and CO² levels, humidity monitoring, and UV sterilization
Multiple culture conditions are available by combining static and mixing environments
User-friendly interface that is accessible for all levels of experience
Customizable capacity and throughput for multi-user solutions
Fully mechanized and can be integrated with robotic arms

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